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Our Approach

results driven approach

Results driven

confidential approach


supportive approach

Challenging and supportive



Commercial and resourceful

tailored approach
professional approach
resourceful approach

results driven approach Results driven


I believe that Executive Coaching can and should achieve meaningful, observable results for all my clients. We will agree some clear objectives for your coaching programme at the outset and will frequently assess our progress against those objectives. With a real commitment to the coaching, the results might include changes in behaviour, increased awareness of your strengths (and a focus on maximizing their impact), overcoming challenges and barriers or more effective self-management. These results should be visible not only to us but also to your coaching sponsor (where applicable) and to your other stakeholders - managers, peers, team, customers etc. We can check this through agreed touch points with the business. Most of my clients engage me as their coach for a fixed period of 6 to 12 months. This encourages us both to strive for real results.




confidential approach Confidential


Everything that is said between client and coach is highly confidential and remains between them. The content of our coaching sessions will never be shared with anyone else including your sponsor/line manager unless you as the client decide or agree to share it. With this clear understanding of confidentiality, my clients are able to discuss safely and honestly all the issues that might be relevant to achieving their objectives. Any mechanism for feedback or progress reporting from your coach to your sponsor will be pre-agreed with you up front. Alice Deakin Consulting is also registered as a data controller under the Data Protection Act 1998.




supportive approach Challenging and supportive


Coaching is not an easy process. As client, you will have to be willing to try new approaches and to commit to taking action in relation to the objectives you set yourself. As your coach, I will support and encourage you in this regard. But expect to be challenged too and to receive honest, direct feedback and observations. I will stretch you so that while your goals remain achievable, you strive to use your resources and capabilities to maximum effect. This combination will help you to achieve far more than you might have thought possible when you started the process.




tailored approach Tailored


No two coaching engagements are the same. Even if two clients perform the same role for the same business, the coaching will always be absolutely tailored to both you as an individual as well as to your organization. Critical to the success of any coaching is the chemistry and rapport between coach and client. Part of the tailoring process involves matching the individual to the right coach and checking at the outset that the necessary chemistry is present. I work with a number of associate coaches and will always endeavor to achieve the best match for you and your coaching needs.




professional approach Professional


I commit fully to my clients and high standards of professionalism and ethics are central to what I do. My clients and their sponsors judge the quality of my coaching primarily by its results, that is by the individual client’s progress against his or her coaching objectives. I request feedback from all my clients during and at the end of the coaching engagement to ensure the high standards I commit to are delivered. I also undertake ongoing CPD and supervision to enhance and update my knowledge and skills. Alice Deakin Consulting adheres to the International Coach Federation’s Code of Ethics. For details of my background, please see About Me.




resourceful approach Commercial and resourceful


Coaching is inherently a non-directive process (as a coach, I ask rather than tell). But there are times when, as client, you will want your coach to offer insight, suggestion or observation regarding the way forward. I will draw not only on my coaching training but also on my broad commercial experience. Having worked in both professional services and commercial businesses up to Director and Board level, I can quickly grasp complex business issues. At times I can relate to my client’s situation and in these circumstances can offer a degree of mentoring within the coaching.


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