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Executive Coaching


I provide Executive Coaching focused on achieving improved business performance through the facilitation and development of an individual’s thinking, behaviours and impact.


You might be an individual seeking coaching directly or be an HR or L&D Director seeking to develop senior people within your organisation.


There are a very broad range of objectives that might bring clients to coaching. These typically include the following.


For individuals, a desire to:



For organisations, an ambition to:



Coaching is extremely powerful and brings real benefits. It helps individuals to see their challenges and opportunities in an objective light, and to unlock the issues that might be holding them back. Working with an independent, challenging and supportive coach helps the client to address these issues and move forward. Find out more about my Approach to coaching.





The benefits of coaching


A recent study commissioned by the International Coaching Federation* found that both individuals and corporates reaped the benefits from coaching:



“Gone are the times when sessions with an executive coach were left out of senior diaries. Today’s trend is for high-potential employees to be coached or mentored, rather than just those deemed to be underperforming and in need of help – and despite tough economic times, it is on the rise.” (Financial Times October 9 2013)


*Study was conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers.






Transition workshops


Whether you are starting a new role in the same or a new organisation, returning to work after a career break, or are transitioning into a new phase in your current role (e.g. revised strategy, new leader, post merger) my one-day workshop will help you form a plan to maximize your impact for the next 100 days.


We will work together, usually for a half or full day, to consider objectively all the elements that are instrumental to your job, including your objectives, areas of responsibility, team and stakeholders. The output will be a real sense of confidence in a clear, well thought-through personal strategy and a written report to support you in implementing it.


This workshop is often most successful when followed by a programme of Executive Coaching to support and challenge you as you implement your strategy.






Leadership skills workshops


Leadership and interpersonal (or “soft”) skills will distinguish a leader from a manager, and a great leader from a good leader. But for many senior employees and their organisations, these leadership and interpersonal skills simply do not command the same time and budget as technical training. The training stops at the point a person is deemed technically proficient and high performing, often just when they really need to be supported to develop their leadership style.


I provide skills workshops on a number of areas. These include for example:



Often these skills will be developed as part of a Personal Development Plan (or PDP) which might also include 360 feedback and/or Coaching.


To discuss your leadership development needs in more detail, please contact me.








I facilitate meetings, discussion groups and training sessions to help organizations to maximize the effective use of group time. Having an independent facilitator allows everyone in the room to concentrate on listening to others and on generating insights and ideas to share with the group.


I will work professionally and purposefully to ensure that the group stick to the agenda, that everyone has a voice and that the purpose of the session is achieved. Where required, I also provide objective and honest feedback on the group and its members.


To find out if using a facilitator could help deliver your objectives, please get in touch.






360 feedback


360 feedback is invaluable in terms of developing people within an organisation. It improves an individual’s own awareness of their impact at work and in particular, can help illuminate some real “blind spots” that might be obvious to colleagues but not to the individual. Through gathering insights on how that individual is perceived by those he or she deals with day-to-day, development efforts can be focused on areas that will make a real difference to their performance and therefore to the business.


I provide a tailored 360 feedback service for individuals as well as for teams, including Boards. From designing the feedback process and scope, to collecting the feedback (whether by online questionnaire or by interviews) and collating and delivering feedback to the individual, I deliver a comprehensive programme that will allow for honest, constructive and confidential views to be shared.


Feedback will typically be gathered from a broad range of people within the organisation including direct reports, team members, peers and superiors. It can also be requested from external stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and non-executive directors. Only the individual client and I will see the content of the 360 report, unless otherwise agreed at the outset with the sponsor.


The feedback can provide fantastic data and insights including:



360 feedback is a fantastic first step in formulating a Personal Development Plan (or PDP) ensuring that Learning and Development budgets (e.g. spent on skills workshops or coaching) are directed for maximum benefit.


Please contact me to discuss your 360 feedback needs.


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You gain strength, courage and confidence

by every experience in which you really stop

to look fear in the face. You must do the

thing you think you cannot do.”

Eleanor Roosevelt

“I went away from our sessions with a very positive sense of purpose and a stronger


(Senior Manager, Professional Services Firm)



“Alice has provided invaluable support and guidance to me over the past 18 months as I returned to work following my second period of maternity leave.  As it became apparent that my previous role was not sustainable, Alice leveraged her experiences in helping me identify my own needs before designing and proposing a new role within the same organisation that met these objectives.  A year on, the new role continues to allow me to balance a full-time career with a family, without sacrificing ambition and commitment – and Alice has just guided me to securing a promotion.  I would not have achieved so much without her support, for which

I am very thankful.”

(Director, Investment Bank)



"Alice has been instrumental in the design and implementation of our Leadership and Mentoring programme. She developed strong working relationships very quickly and her overall business knowledge helped her understand all aspects of our company's unique offering. The Director level 360 programme that Alice led has had an immediate and positive impact on our management team - the clarity of thought and directness of approach in the evaluation feedback was particularly powerful.  I believe this was a major contributing factor in helping embed the learnings and in kick starting a new found belief in the importance of Learning and Development throughout the company. "

(Head of Learning & Development, Business Analysis Consultancy)

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